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2 MΕΤΡΑ ΜΑΚΡΙΑ (2 meters afar) 

performative audio walk, narrative, sound

Performative audio walk, under the umbrella of  THOC's Theatrical Shelter.

Location:  Old Town, Nicosia, Cyprus (May 2021)


The space around us affects our movements, the way we interpret and process the world around us. Each step is a different experience in people’s life and the way we interact. But what happens when a pandemic, changes the importance of our movement in the world and gives it a whole different meaning? What would a walk in the old town of Nicosia, under the conditions of a fantastic future where everything has changed, be like?

“2 meters away”, under the umbrella of Draseis 2020 of THOC’s Theatrical Shelter (Θεατρικό Καταφύγιο), sets the following hypothesis: We are in 2075 and people are finally allowed to go outside, always keeping a distance from each other. Two meters away then! The public space is not the way it used to be. The city and the people have changed. Three characters explore for the first time the city, each one with their own thoughts, their own worries. The spectators, via headphones, are following them and experiences the city through their eyes.

Text: Aristi Pavlou
Direction: Aristi Pavlou
Costumes: Aristi Pavlou, Orestis Sakkas
Production Coordinator: Isidora Avraam
Photo and Video Editing: Aristi Pavlou, Dafni Karletti

Actors (voice): Michalis Kazakas, Maria Constantinou, Frixos Masouras, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Emily Michael, Aristi Pavlou, Effie Charalambous

Actors (physical presence): Andreas Georgiou, Michalis Kazakas, Maria Constantinou, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Emily Michael, Anthi Chrystanthopolou

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