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Aristi Pavlou was born in Limassol. She is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design- Program Scenography from HKU University, Utrecht, Netherlands (2017-2019). She also holds a Diploma of Architecture Engineering (2015-2016) and a Bachelor of Architecture (2011-2015) from University of Cyprus.

As an architect, she works at a local firm, focused on both small and big scale projects -housing, renovation etc.

As a scenographer, she works with projects incorporating theatricality and the city. With her return to Cyprus she focused on the creation of audio walks where the participant was experiencing the urban fabric through a different lens, for example “Biphony” for Buffer Fringe 19 (2019) and “Wanderers” for Xarkis 2019 (2019).

With her collaborator, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, they founded the artistic collective, "ONsite project”, which is focused on the creation of site-specific works and immersive experiences. The productions so far include the audio walk “Walk With Me” (2020), the acoustic theatrical experience “Two meters afar” (2021) and the immersive installation “I am here. Can you hear me?” (2022).


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