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across the line

scenography, light, shadow, sound, installation

Part of the "A Tiding of Magpies", group exhibition for MA Scenography, First Year

Location: De Gelderlandfabriek, Culemborg, Netherlands

The installation is a constellation of fragments which were collected for the second semester's theme "Collecting Meaningful Material". 
After a broad collection of urban sounds and researching into terms as psychogeography, derive, flaneur, borders and boundaries, the final constellation opposes two cities; one functioning as a border and the other as a boundary, and tries to examine if there is a difference in their sound by using the notion of Borders Vs Boundaries and an existing wall which plays the role for both. 

Before entering the space a sign asks the spectators to have the right identification documents. Which are those?

To pass to the other side the spectators need to place their ID and leave it there Will they do it? 

picture taken by Jezi Tay

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