animating space

workshop, light, sound, exciters

[colour + counterpoint]


team: Alexandra Papasileka, Aristi Pavlou

Two-day workshop with Tomi Humalisto and Jari Kauppinen. 

Brief of the workshop: "A workshop that examines the possibilities of activating or animating the scenographic space by the creative use of sonic and light-induced visual techniques and enhances sensitivity towards their own material quality. 

The working process encourages the students to rapid experimentation with various low-to-medium level lighting and sound design technologies and solutions and combine them with the objects and utensils of the everyday". 

Each student team was given two words in order to combine them and experiment with the exciters and the led lights. We had "colourand "counterpoint". We thought that counterpoint is where different things and situations are brought together so we experimented with light and the projection they create with coloured filters. We realised that using those small lights in different angles creates also overlapping of different projections. We attached the exciters connected with a source of sound and realised that our surfaces are moving. Another counterpoint. The final result, was a sequence of our small projections controlled with sound, as counterpoints.