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Fourth Year Studio, 8th Semester

Location: Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus
Team Members: Zoe Georgiou, Aristi Pavlou
Year: Academic Year 2014-2015


Possible Sponsors: UN’s Bi-Communal Development Program, EVKAF Cyprus Administration (for the renovation of the building), EMAA (European Mediterranean Art’s Association), E.KA.TE.

Main program of the residency is the creation of a spatial memory using installations as the mean. Each artist will create an installation with a video artist recording the creative process. The purpose is for the whole process to be jugged instead of the final object. Each team will be constructed by one Greek-Cypriot and one Turkish-Cypriot. International artists will be also attending the residency in the half of each season.

Program: Open public lectures from the artists-in-residence each week. Open studios where young children will have the opportunity to meet up with artists. Summer workshops. Each season lasts six months, starting from September. Two more artists will join the program in collaboration with the program “Touch my Pain”.

Incomes: sponsorships from organisations. Also the Open Studios incomes will be helpful. Furthermore the works of art created in the residency will be sold. During the Open Calls the applicant artists will send application fees. The incomes from the Material Shop will also help in the running of the residency.

Architectural Proposal: The complex will provide the required places an artist-residence needs. For example, workshop spaces, administration offices, residences for the live-in artists, exhibition spaces, cinema and a cafeteria open to the public.The proposal is based on small scattered buildings on site, which are connected with outdoor spaces  open to public, while the core of the building, which is the workshop space for the installators and the video artists, is flexible. The internal units will be opened and closed with folding panels which will provide sometimes privacy for the installators or visual access to the video artists.


Concept, uses and program diagram