Architecture, post-nature, farm, research center


Fourth year Studio, 7th Semester

Location: Athalassa National Park, Nicosia, Cyprus
Team Members: Barbara Basile, Orestis Pavlides, Aristi Pavlou
Year: Academic Year 2014-2015

In an era where technology takes all over, it was time for Science to investigte the photosynthesis process. One of the most vital processes on Earth photosynthesis produces the Oxygen we breathe and it is the first step on the creation of the food we consume. The Institude’s aim is to create artificial materials that are cabable to create oxygen by themselves and also to investigate the modification of plants in order to produce more oxygen. In the institude the plants needed for the procedures are cultivated. A sericulture unit is also placed inside the Institude. The Institute is placed in the Athalassa National Park as a part of the research on the alternative ways in the production of Oxygen. 

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