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Audio walk

Location:  Pastoefabriek, Utrecht, The Netherlands

One of the first experiments with creating an audio walk, while trying to fin a way to make the space around us as something ephemeral. The audio narration is seen as a tool, which gives a frame and a specific duration on how one can experience space. 

The spectator starts at the  kitchen of the building, which is seen as its core. They look into spaces details, then move around the building. They take the stairs to the first floor, to end up in front of a street picture and listening to a story about a little girl looking at them through the window. 

"She is able to see you now, and she is wondering why you are standing there in the cold, looking at her house.


Shall she wave at you to let you know that she noticed you?


But why are you there?

Standing on the street, with people just passing by you.


-abstract from the walk's narration