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Performative audio walk

Location:  Pastoefabriek, Utrecht, The Netherlands

One of the first audio walks where the idea of how space can make us feel controlled and under surveillance. Set up in an old factory, part of the story was investigating how one can have an overview and control of the space from some spatial elements. 

It was a two people experience and each one was guided in a different path, experiencing different moments only to meet in the end in the most unexpected way: looking at each other through a window. 

"While you are up you are different from them.

You are able to see them and distance yourself.


But when you go down the stairs, you are becoming one of them and someone else might be watching you.


-abstract from the walk's narration

"If you look on the wall on your right, a little bit up, you will be able to see a sculpture.

It is a depiction, made in 1959, of the traditional furniture production process.


It is funny that this is what is left from all of this history; a sculpture on a wall.


And you of course; following my steps.


-abstract from the walk's narration