Architecture, installation, folly, wood structure

Proposal for Folly Art Norg Festival

Location: Kunsterf Norg, Norg, The Netherlands
Year: 2019

The design of the folly, started with the idea of the path in mind, which is a space in-between, in movement, in transition and not graspable.
After sketching the desired movement in space, it was evolved into two wooden “walls”, constituted by frames which are facing each other. The walls are wireframe, so that view of the landscape will not be disrupted by a volume in the space. Between them is the empty space that is carved by them, the one I would like visitors to experience.
UN(FOLD) can be a stop, or a passage. Its wooden structural “walls” frame nature as you walk by, either inside of it, or outside. It doesn’t have a specific use, as a folly is supposed to be. It is up to the user how they want to grasp it and experience it.
The name came from is form, because it looks like something folded. While you pass by it you can see both its structure and nature around it, being unfolded.

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