audio walk, narrative, sound

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Performative audio walk

Location:  HKU Theatre, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Second audio walk dealing with the idea of how space can make us feel controlled and under surveillance. Set up in an old school and now a university, part of the story was investigating how one can have an overview and control of the space from some spatial elements, based on a school environment.

The experience was starting from the old headmaster's office and was travelling through the building, following the stories, bigger and smaller of the space. While moving in space the spectator listens to how some elements were controlling the students, In the end of the walk a revelation is made to them: this was also a prison. They end up in a staircase, they take the headsets out where they listen to prison sounds. Their only connection with the outside world is a big window. 

"Every building has a story. Some buildings more than others.

You may think this is one building.


Truth is, they are two connected.


And you can realise that if you step out of this room and look to your right, towards the wooden stairs.


-abstract from the walk's narration

Sound installation at the end of the walk