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performative audio walk, narrative, sound

Performative audio walk, part of MAKE SPACE graduation exhibition

Location:  Pieter Baan Centrum, Utrecht, The Netherlands (June 2019)


ΔΙ(ΦΩΝΙΑ) Ι BI(PHONY) aspires to give a temporal experience of the building. Using its spatial details, moments of past and present will unveil a story which is slowly developing in space, along with the spectators’ movement. The project presented in the exhibition is part of my artistic research in the MA Scenography which investigates how scenography as a tool can give a performative element in architectural spaces.

Voice actors (order of appearance): 

Petros Petrou (Turok) as Artemis 
Frixos Masouras as Jensen 
Bryony Cole as Alyson 
Kyriakos Zantis as Michael 
Aristi Pavlou as Joanna

Written, edited and created on location by Aristi Pavlou

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