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ECHO at xarkis festival 2018

scenography, sound, installation, textiles

End result of artist residency at Xarkis Festival 2018. 

Location: Koilani, Limassol, Cyprus (August 2018)

Everyday life and our relationship with the space around us is determined by the context of images. We have forgotten to hear and enjoy the sounds around us.

In my Masters studies, I have become interested in the potential of transmitting the experience of a place through sound. I collect various sounds, process them, and integrate them into an internal spatial installation that 'carries' the identity of a place through sound and lighting.

I wanted try this in Koilani, as part of Xarkis Festival,  while adopting a more personal approach, as it is the village where my grandfather was born and raised. I took a tour of the village in order to discover, collect its places and sounds, and then I brought them together in order to create an installation that was carrying the identity of the village without images. For me, it was as though I was going to the past: to the place of my origins. In some way, I tried to create its co-existence with the present through a "hybrid" merging of sounds. 
The end result was like a trip with three stops and three different sounds. 

Video from the installation

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