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mediatized space workshop

[other space]

workshop, screen, projection, sound, dramaturg

scenographer: Aristi Pavlou dramatourg: Doris Lisa

Workshop on the use of screens with Ariane Trümper and the students of Dramaturgy from Utrech University. 

The Scenography students needed to formulate a question which would have get responses from the Dramaturgy students. Then they would have been paired up with one Dramaturgy student. Together, they should have experiment and create an experience based  on their question. 

How can the mediatized/screen space help to create a sort of “other space” in the actual space- to make a spectator uncertain of where they are; to here and now or somewhere else?

Through our discussion in the first meeting we talked about different matters which may be connected with Aristi's question. We talked about AR, projection in a confined space, one person experience, confusion, multiple spaces, and a maze as a physical thing on distorting the place a person is and something not static.

In our brainstorming a few days before the presentation, we decided to take some of the elements Aristi works with in her research (the textiles) and use them in order to create the experience of confusion. Confusion is connected with losing the sense of time, location and being disoriented. We decided to use those textile as our screen, because we thought they can transform the visual projected and distort it through their transparency and materiality. We arranged the textiles on the space in order to form a sort of confined space.

We decided to have a video for the visual projected. We recorder a route which Aristi edited making it faster and changing the scenes really quick in order to confuse the audience of the location and enhance the experience (we had observe that a more slow video sequence did not feel really confusing).

As a final addition we decided to have binaural sounds in order to also create the effect of disorientation. The sound will be experienced by headsets for the effect to work.

We intended the experience to be individual but at the end we thought that maybe it will be a good opportunity to also see if the projected video gives the sense of confusion without the idea of sound when people are in the space and also we added two more sets of headsets in different points of the space, to experiment with listening to the sound but not being completely inside the created confined space. 

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