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S.S.P.M. in afro banana republic festival

Architecture, installation, pavilion, scaffolding, textiles

1st prize at S.S.P.M. Competition 2016

Location: Kornos Forest, Nicosia, Cyprus
Team Members: Zoe Georgiou, Joanna Demetriou, Aristi Pavlou
Year: 2016

I was laying down the balcony above the stands. Above my head the textiles were moving lightly because of the summer breeze. Their colors were highlighted by the spotlights which turned on just a moment ago. The festival sounds were spreading out around me. I could listen to the laughs of a group of friends who were relaxing in the swings, whispers on the seats below and comments for last night concert, the Dj setting his console, while a camper was singing and playing his guitar. I sat up as I felt someone approaching me. It was my friend bringing some sandwiches from the food court. “Look” she said giving me my sandwich, “the sun is setting. It is so beautiful from up here!”  

Considering that the senses take an important role on how the visitors will experience a space in a festival, the proposal manages them through materiality and height differences. The materiality is defined by the notion of flexibility, since textiles which give the essence of relaxation, are used, while the selection on a variety of colors gives a playful character on the proposal. The different tones and the transparency of the textiles is also used at night with the use of artificial lighting.

The main idea is set up on the placement of the stands and the stage. The central paths, from the entrance and the food court are taken as granted and the proposal is erected around them.  The existing stage is grown and will be connected with another existing elevated element on site. The stage area can also be used as a sitting space throughout the day. The stands are set up opposite the stage while they are elevated in order to create another (shaded) space underneath, which will be used as a sitting space for relaxation.

Through the senses and the creation of subspaces the proposal aims in the creation of a space which will host the festival visitors and will be familiar for them, making it a place.

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