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Walk With Me

performative audio walk, narrative, sound

Performative audio walk, under the umbrella of theYard.Residency20

Location:  Castle Area, Limassol, Cyprus (August 2020)


We usually take the space around us for granted, we do not stop to see nor listen. We just move straight. We are in a hurry and we just pass by the history and the small moment that might happen in the surrounding space. 

“Walk With Me”, a theatrical experience in the form of an audiowalk, sees the Old Vinegar Factory and the surrounding area as an ephemeral stage whose most stories are still untold even now. Having the Old Vinegar Factory as starting point, various characters invite the participants to investigate the surrounding area through their eyes. With every step, the character and area’s story is unveiled and the different realities, which are usually suspended and unseen at the space: past, present, everyday life and fantasy, co-exist.

Concept, script and directing: Aristi Pavlou

Actors: Michalis Kazakas, Maria Constantinou, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou

Actors (voice): Andreas Georgiou, Michalis Kazakas, Maria Constantinou, Frixos Masouras, Ioanna Papamichalopoulou, Aristi Pavlou

Production Assistant: Isidora Avraam

Poster Image Design: Loukia Chrysafi

Costumes: Theatriko Ergastiri Kimolia

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