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ΔΙ (ΦΩΝΙΑ) I BI(PHONY) at Buffer Fringe 19

performative audio walk, narrative, sound

Performative audio walk, under the umbrella of Buffer Fringe 19

Location:  Buffer Zone, Nicosia, Cyprus (October 2019)


ΔΙ(ΦΩΝΙΑ) Ι BI(PHONY) is a site-specific performative audiowalk which is bound and inspired by the surrounding space and aspires to give a temporal experience of it. The work is formulated by the space of the Buffer Zone and inspired from it. 


Text, Directing and Editing: Aristi Pavlou

Dramaturgical Advice: Anastasia Barka

Voice actors (order of appearance): Petros Petrou (Turok) as Artemis, Frixos Masouras as Jensen, Aristi Pavlou as the voice of the past, Kyriakos Zantis as Michael

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